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The timeless Instagram winning strategy

Instagram is the best place to generate quality leads, it’s the best platform out there you can use to convert a client because it offers many tools to connect with your clients (images, sides, video, DM, stories, IGTV and more).  

Instagram isn’t the best place to generate a lot of traffic because it’s not SEO optimized like Youtube but however since raw traffic rarely converts and Instagram is known best for converting, you can send traffic to it from other platforms and then convert them with the content you share.

In this article we will share with you the best known strategy so far to grow your account and get more clients.

The whole strategy revolves around content, we will share with you the best methods to find the right content for your followers and how can you  present it in a way that makes it more engaging to your followers beside few tips to maximize your reach.

How to find the right content for your followers?

There are two main ways to find the content that works for your followers, they are Market research and content repurposing 

Market research

The market research helps you figure out the exactly what your potential clients want, you can do the market research either on your followers or your competition

Followers market research 

There are two methods you can use to find out the exact struggles that your followers are facing and they are:

1- Using Instagram Polls to get the ideas:

You can simply create a poll to ask a simple yes or no question about a specific topic, for example you can ask “who is struggling with Hashtags?”

Then you can DM those who answered yes and ask them simple questions to figure out exactly what are the struggles they are facing. and an example of what you would say is “hey! I have noticed that you answered yes to my poll, can you please tell me what it is that you are struggling with in hashtags?” and then keep note of what they are saying in your content ideas inventory.

2- Checking with people who share your content

Another way is to check with those who shared your content and ask them what is it that they like about that content and you keep note of that as well

Competitors market research

Your goal here is to find out the best performing pieces of content of your competitors and then improve their quality and share them

First start by listing your top competitors, then analyze their profiles to figure out their best performing content then improve it and re-share it.

How to improve the content?

  1. Post better quality media
  2. Give more details, this will fill the gap of information in your viewers minds
  3. Use better hashtags (relevant more specific instead of broad)
  4. Publish more pictures (slider)
  5. Always include a call to action

Repurpose content

Content repurposing is the process of transforming a piece of content from one format into another.

You can simply take a larger piece of content that’s performing well, take a video for example and then break it down into smaller pieces of content like sliders and images and stories.

How to reach more people?

Below are 3 ways you can use to reach more people:

1- The right Hashtags

How do you know the right hashtags? They simply bring you more reach and engagement, check your analytics for the posts that has the most reach. Or you can get them from your competitors, usually they are the more frequently used ones by them. Always use relevant and more specific Hashtags instead of broad 

2- Show love and share your follower’s content

Whenever you see something interesting posted by a follower of yours share it, that will make them feel valued and that might get them to do the same thing and share your content out or reciprocity and if they didn’t at least you will get the benefit of the word of mouth because they might talk about you to their friends.

3- Share your Instagram handle on other social media platforms

Always share your Instagram username in other platforms. It’s better to share it as a link but in media types like Youtube videos where that’s not possible you can share it as a watermark on your videos.

How to optimize your content for share?

How does shareable content look like? the answer is simple, it’s something that your people find valuable, and that means it’s relevant and it’s visually optimized, the key here is to always optimize for visuals since human beings process visuals much faster than text

How to optimize for max conversion?

A typical sales funnel that uses Instagram will always involve the following elements

  1. The media you post on Instagram
  2. Your profile page (picture, description and link)
  3. The Bio-link

The process of optimizing is very simple and basic, it involves making changes to those elements and measuring the impact of that change.

It’s IMPORTANT! to note that when you make changes, you go element by element, this means when you swipe profile pictures you wait until you get nice improvement once the improvement is sustainable, then you move on to change the text then see if it’s improve your click through rate, then you move on to the pictures and note the engagement rate, if you notice some photos tend to get higher engagement, keep posting more of those photos until you reach a sustainable level of engagement, then move on to the next element.

And also keep switching hashtags until you reach a sustainable click through rate in your conversions

What elements to optimize on Instagram?

  1. The photos
  2. The hashtags
  3. The profile description
  4. The posting time

What to measure?

  1. Increased click through rates (website, contact,…)
  2. Increased dwell time on your website 
  3. Deeper clicks inside your website
  4. Better conversation rates

At the end of the day, note that conversion matters the most, it’s the only thing that matters

Final Thoughts

If you come across something that works, write it down and always focus on numbers, don’t go blindly after your gut feeling, test whatever your gut feeling through at you and then see if it works, if it does write it down

You can use influencers as well to expand your reach, contact as many influencers as you can and start with them at low rates, once you latch on ones that deliver results, scale with them.

And last, stay consistent, this is not a 100 meter run, it’s a marathon, it will take time, and every fruit tree will take time before you can get the fruit, and you have to nurture it constantly.

Good luck.

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