How Does Instagram Algorithm Works

Instagram has gone through some changes in the past years, and posts no longer appear in chronological order as they used to.

While there was an adverse response to this development at first, Instagram has revealed that people have begun spending more time on the app after the change. Also, people are now more satisfied with the contents they are viewing.
People are curious to know how Instagram arranges their feeds and how to exploit the change. The first thing to know is that with the help of Instagram’s algorithm, feeds are now prioritized based on importance to the user.

This arrangement is done based on your previous interaction or likes on the app. With this development, you are more likely to enjoy the platform more because your interests are going to be showing on your timeline more often.

How Does It Work?

This question has always been a mystery everyone was trying to crack, and every tip on the Instagram algorithm was based on guesswork.

Although, this changed in June 2018 when Instagram shared some of the factors used by the algorithm to rank the posts the user will see. In the later paragraphs, we will be sharing with you information on the algorithm.

Relationship With The User

Any user that has related to your posts in the past either by liking your posts or commenting on your posts is more likely to see your ensuing contents. This is why you have to keep interaction with your posts as high as possible.

Interest Of The User

Users who engage or interact with accounts that have similar contents to yours will most likely have your posts pop up on their timeline frequently.

How Recent The Post Is

Although, the arrangement of posts in chronological order is said to be a thing of the past this in a way isn’t all true. This is because earlier posts will be pushed to the top of the feeds and the older posts will get shown later.

Besides, Instagram shared some more information you might be interested in:
• There’s a fiercer rivalry among you and other accounts for the top post of users with more followers
• Instagram users are less likely to see your posts if you are not in one of the top spots and they do not come online frequently.
• There is no snag for business profiles in relation to audience outreach compared to that of personal accounts.

How To Adapt To These Changes 

After learning about how the algorithm works, you must be wondering how you can adapt and get your contents to reach the majority of your audience. Below, we will be looking at various ways to get the best out of the Instagram algorithm.

Build Relationships 

Interacting with your followers on Instagram is very important. This is because the more you interact, the higher the chances of gaining top spot in other users’ feeds. There are various ways to build these relationships and they include:
• Make posts that urge users to say what they think about the content posted. These types of posts help you to create discussions with your followers.
• Encourage users to create contents about you or your brand and you, in turn, will have to re-post as many as you can. This doesn’t create a relationship with users alone, it also helps to increase your popularity on Instagram
• Contents that build engagements are also a great way to grow a relationship with users. Examples are; Posts that encourage users to tag other users.

Use Instagram Stories To Pull Engagement 

The Instagram story is one good way to interact and draw attention to your contents. You can do this in different ways but we have stated the two most helpful ways below
• Sharing Stories Of Other Users: When you share stories of some users, the users get notified and they, in turn, can share your stories. This will definitely improve your outreach no matter how small it is. Encouraging your followers to repost your stories will also help bring attention to your contents.
• Use Interactive Stickers: Using Instagram’s engagement stickers like polls, picture ratings/emoji slider and questionnaires will help build relationships with users. This can also be used to create additional content for your followers.

Respond To Comments On Time 

Timely response to comments tends to increase the chance for follow-up responses. This helps to create discussions and increase the engagements on your post. With this, you will be having a better shot at the top post. Besides, every follow-up response increases your comment count which is good for publicity.

Use Hashtags 

Using hashtags is a good way of helping your contents appear on feeds or searches of your target audience. To get the best out of hashtags, you should try to use hashtags your audiences are more likely to search for. This helps to increase your profile clicks and views from people with the same interest as you.

Interact With Posts From Relevant Users And Brands 

Another way to increase your chances of getting the top spot on feeds is by interacting with other users outside your content.

You can do this by leaving interactive comments on posts of users you are trying to catch their attention. Furthermore, try as much as possible to comment on posts from bigger accounts as early as possible.

You can target accounts your audience will presumably follow. This makes your posts more perceptible hereby increasing your audience reach.
It is important to note that creativity in your comments will help you.

Note that every comment you make should be well thought of. This helps to improve your brand image and in turn, gives you a better chance to be in one of the top feeds of other users.


After coming to the end of this article, you must have learned that the best way to take advantage of the Instagram algorithm isn’t by posting contents regularly. To reach your target audience, consistent interaction with your followers on your posts is important.

You must have also learned that interaction with users outside your posts can go a long way in pushing your contents too. Finally, we assure you that as long as you follow our tips, the new Instagram algorithm will be more of a blessing to you.


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